Video Instructions

Putting content onto your new web site is really just a few steps away:

  1. Create your categories. Categories are the main "groups" of information that your site can be split up into. A horse site, for example, might include categories such as: Horses for Sale, Mares, Foals, Stallions, Show Horses, etc.

  2. Add your items. Items are the "individual" things you'll have on your site. For a horse web site, "items" are "horses." :-)

  3. Add text and photos to your other pages: Home, Links, and the third page (most people use the third page as an "About Us" or "Blog/News" type of page).

Let's get started!


Get Familiar with the Admin Area




Create Categories




Create or Add "Items" (usually individual horses)








Add Links to the Links page




Add Text/Pictures to Home, Links, and About Us/Blog/News Pages





Resize Pictures Using

You can use a variety of online image resizing tools, or your own graphics program. Pictures can not be larger than 600 pixels wide or tall for web sites, because of downloading time for your site's viewers.





Other Online Image Editor Resources


Once your site is up and running, with your content on it, you will periodically need to make changes to update the site. Here are some videos that show you how to edit some of the basic areas:

Edit an Item (Horse, Dog, etc.)




Edit a Category's Description

Make changes to an existing category, such as "for sale," "foals," etc.

IMPROVED!  New video coming soon!

The following video is correct except for the size of the editing area (where you type your description), which has been enlarged and now allows you to type directly into the larger box.




Add New Entry to a News/Blog Page



Change your E-mail or Other Contact Information