Doing business without advertising is like winking at someone in the dark.
You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.
~Stewart Britt

Your customers are online. Are you?

If you don't have a web site, your customers are searching the Internet for you but are finding....your competition. After not finding you, they will be forced to buy from your competition.

Equine / Horse web site designer, CR Equine Sites

CR Equine Sites is an equine and ranch web design service set up for you. We are sharing our experience with web success in the equine marketplace with you by offering the most affordable and yet professional web site design we've seen. We specialize in the horse/ranch and dog markets, but also serve other industries.

A well-designed, professional-looking site shows your customers that YOU are professional and committed to the success of your horse program. Let us help you promote those aspects of your business!

Why Do You Need a Web Site?

There are too many reasons to list here, but consider these important supporting ideas:

  1. Your web site is always online. It's like having a full-color business card or poster hanging in millions of shops all around the world that are open 24 hours per day.

  2. It is affordable. If you've ever placed a full-page color ad in a horse or dog magazine, you know how expensive that is....and it reached ONLY those people that subscribe to the magazine and actually opened to your page. The Internet is available to billions of people worldwide, 7 days a week. And your web site isn't limited to a small part of one piece of paper!

  3. Interactivity is built in to web sites. Customers on your web site can view the pages that are most interesting to them. They can see photos. They can click your e-mail link to ask you questions, even if they aren't confident enough to give you a call. This gives you an opportunity to communicate with them to help them make their decisions with confidence.

  4. No updating fees. Once your new site is designed and online, you can log in to a custom-created editing console to add, edit, and delete horses/cattle/puppies without having to pay the designer to make the changes for you!

Important Pages in our Site

WEB SITES are full webs that begin with a Home page, and then link to your more specific pages (For Sale, Stallions, etc.). CR Equine Sites specializes in offering an EASY-to-use system that allows YOU to update your own web you don't have to pay us to do it!

WEB PAGES are single-page web sites for anyone needing only a brief bit of information listed on the internet, but who don't need a multi-page, linked site. Contact us for pricing on single-page sites.

CR EASY UPDATES  Test out our program that allows you to make your own changes to your web site. We've set up a simple site that you can make changes to. Periodically, we'll reset it back to an empty site, but for at least today, your changes should remain.

PRICING is dependant upon the extent of your site, and our pricing page explains it piece-by-piece as well as for the package deals. Click here for an example of what the cost might be for the first couple years (a realistic longer-term view). Click here for a piece-by-piece list of separate options and prices.

GETTING STARTED Click this link to begin your new marketing plan for your products, be they horses, dogs, services, or retail items. This page includes the link to our order form, which is where to go to fill out a customer survey to help us customize your order according to your preferences! We are here to serve YOU, and this form allows us to find out more about what you are hoping to achieve.

What Can WE Do For YOU?

We feel confident that our services are what you need to get on the web in a style that will promote your operation as a professional one, and that we can draw visitors and potential customers to your site via our marketing plan and our tips to help you promote your site from your own home. We can make a full-blown web site, a single web page, or print advertisements for you to help you reach your sales goals.

  • Promote your business 24/7, 365 days per year to millions of viewers around the world. Compare that to magazine or newspaper exposure, which is only available to subscribers, and only for short periods of time.

  • Expose your operation to international buyers

  • Provide you with a site that looks like you spent a LOT more on it than you did!

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you succeed in your industry. Big or small, a good product can really shine when professional attention is given to its marketing. Trust us to help you achieve your goals! 

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