Getting Started

To get your site online, we have just a few steps that must be completed.

  1. Fill out the online order form, located here.

  2. Send a deposit.

  3. Send some information to CR Equine Sites to get started.

  4. Practice entering pictures and information on our sample site using CR Easy Updates. Click here to check that out!

  5. Later, send remaining payment.

Further Explanation:

  1. Fill out the online order form, located here. This form gives us information and ideas we need to design a made-to-order site. We also welcome addresses of web sites that you admire so we can get a feel for your preferences. This greatly helps us to design a site that you'll love.

  2. Send a deposit, either via check, money order, or PayPal. Once a deposit is received, we will purchase your domain name and hosting space, and will begin designing the "look" of the site.

  3. Send information to CR Equine Sites.

    Examples of what we'll need include: text for Home and Sale pages, images you want incorporated into the site's main design (if any).

    Most people send information via e-mail (our most-preferred method), but we can also receive text and photos via postal mail. To send via e-mail, simply send messages whenever you have information ready.

  4. Later, when the site is online and ready for you to enter your information on, send remaining payment required for the site to be set up for you to enter content.

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