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Congratulations to you for looking into a professional and successful way to promote your business!

I don't want anyone to be surprised, so I do not attempt to hide the costs
of owning a web site from anyone.  So, here it is!  :-)

While I feel the benefits of having a web site FAR outweigh the costs, the first year of owning a web site can dip into one's pocketbook.  However, that cost can be accommodated by the sale of the first foal or product for a higher price than you've been getting by advertising locally, going to sales, or selling with online classifieds with no web site to provide additional photos and information to prospective buyers. 

Some web designers tell you about their design fee OR their monthly hosting fee, but they don't make an attempt to make sure you know the TOTAL of what your costs might be for the first year or years afterward.  Regardless of whether you choose CR Equine Sites or another designer, when you enter into a commitment to have a web site, remember to add all these costs together:

  1. A design fee to create a web site from scratch for you

  2. A domain name cost (usually around $20, but should not be higher!)

  3. Monthly or yearly "hosting" cost, or the cost of keeping a web site online and available to Internet browsers.

  4. Updating fees...if you want to change photos, prices, or text, what will your designer charge? What might this total up to each year?

You should not only make sure you know all those costs for the first year, but also know what the costs will be for each year after that.  The higher your web hosting (monthly or yearly fee), the higher your costs will add up over time. Add in site updates if you are not maintaining your own site content.

Important! Click here to see a printable form that you can fill out as you compare web site designers. Highly Recommended!

Example Costs
1st and 2nd Year Comparison

You have unlimited changes throughout the year,
with no charge for updates you do yourself using our
CR Easy Updates forms!

First 12 months
(average customer using CR Easy Updates)
Future Possible Yearly Costs
(average customer)
*Design Cost


Design Cost


Domain name (included) $0 Domain name (included in hosting cost) $0
Web Hosting/year $140 Web Hosting/year $140
*Periodic Updating Varies  (for a year) *$0 *Periodic Updating
(for a year)

Total First Year
Ask about payments...


Average Year Thereafter


*Updating costs only apply if you ask us to change your web site for you.

As you can see, the first year is far more expensive than the average customer's yearly costs from the second year onward.  A website is an investment, and if you don't plan to continue it beyond the first year, it may not be financially worthwhile. 

If you are ready to enter into an investment in your program and its professionalism, we feel it will work for you.  It sure has for us and for our customers.

Important! Click here to see a printable form that you can fill out as you compare web site designers. Highly Recommended!

Another way to explain pricing:


The FIRST Year:

This is the most expensive year, as you will pay for the design of the site. Typical cost for development of the site and hosting for the first year: $590

Custom-Designed Sites
(including custom-designed graphics scheme)
CR Easy Updates: You Maintain Your Own Site Content!
Design Cost, a one-time fee $450 Includes up to 100 web pages for this one, low price!***
Web hosting and domain name per year $140*** Hosted on our server.

***Limitations on site storage space and bandwidth usage apply, but are generous.

Each Year Thereafter:

You pay only the annual hosting to keep your site online, typically $140 per year.

Since you will maintain your site via CR Easy Updates, you will not pay the designer fees for making typical changes to the site.

Do You Need a Site, But Don't Want to do Your Updates?

After mid March, 2009, we don't anticipate accepting any sites fitting into the "old" method, where we do the updating to your site. This is because we feel it is far better for customers to maintain their sites frequently and without cost to them. Occasional exceptions may occur, so contact us if you want a site, but don't want to do your own updating "just in case" we have an opening.

***Limitations on site storage space and bandwidth usage apply, but are generous.

A well-designed, professional-looking site shows your customers that YOU are professional and committed to the success of your program.

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