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So, if we make your pages, apply for server space, upload to the server, register the pages with search engines, place ads, and edit graphics, what do YOU have to do?

  1. Fill out the order form below.
  2. Send a deposit so we can order your domain and begin working on the design.
  3. Gather your photos for the differing pages in the site.
  4. Compose a draft of the text that will be on each page of the site.
  5. Send the photos/information to us as you can for the Home page. You will be able to enter/change content at any time if your site is set up for CR Easy Updates, which applies to almost all of our new sites.

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This form has 4 sections:  

1) Personal Information
Domain name/web address info
Site appearance
Site pages

This information is kept secret between you and CR Equine Sites.



Farm or Business Name for the site

Street Address

City, State, Zip Code (or address, if not in USA)

Phone number

E-mail address


A domain name is a "yourname.com" address, like www.grullablue.com.   They add professionalism to your site, and are easy to remember. 

I already have a domain name, and just need it transferred (about $20).  Some web hosts will not release domain names.  I guess it's a control thing...they think they can keep you as a customer.  This is something we need to check into, because it might cause you to need to create a new web site address. 

New Domain Name Ideas

Keep them short, simple, and readable.

First choice of domain name (www.address.com) or web site address name that you don't already own:
One word, no spaces or unusual characters

Second choice of domain/site name, in case first is already taken
One word, no spaces or unusual characters


You can choose the color scheme for your site, and if you know of graphics that you would like to have included, please refer us to a site where we can obtain them.  If you have seen a neat site that you would like to emulate, please give us that address.  If you know of a site offering graphics that are free or non-copyrighted, we might be able to use them.

Note:  these options are geared toward horse sites, as that is the majority of our business.  If your site is not equestrian related, please give us additional suggestions via e-mail or the comment box below.

Color Scheme (ex:  navy and red, earth tones, etc.)  Some people like to match a farm color scheme, and that is a great idea if you have one!

Site Layout

Visit this page for snapshot images of some of the web sites by CR Equine Sites. Note the variety of layouts when viewed from a distance. "Layout" refers to how text and images are placed on the page, as well as where the site graphics are located that decorate the site.

From the following layout styles, number your favorite with a 1, and your second favorite with a 2 (or go further if you want to). Judge only the layout, and not the site decorations or color schemes.

You may click here to view examples in a larger size. This link will open a new window, so you won't lose this form. Click any thumbnail image to enlarge it or open its site live so you can get a feel for the layout.



Left border style. A decoration goes down the left of the page for the entire page length. The rest of the page can be a plain color or a muted texture that won't interfere with the text color.
Table style (recommended for cross-browser compatibility). Table organization puts info into squares/rectangles on the page. Table styles are usually set to fit older monitor resolutions (which currently make up 30% of web users). Therefore, on newer computers, these will appear to take up a smaller portion of the screen. This site you are looking at (CR Equine Sites) is another example of a table setup.
Other layout.  If you have seen other layouts that you like, please give us the web site addresses so we can get a feel for your preferences.
  No preference. If you don't have a preference at all, place a 1 in the box to the left.

Click any of the following that you LIKE.  Leave any you do not like blank.  If you have other ideas, please e-mail them to us, or put the idea in the comment box below.

 We will try to accommodate your tastes if we can:

Tooled leather graphics
Conchos, silver graphics
"Bling," or jewels
Southwest themed graphics
Cowhide graphics
Old west images
Nature (grasses, flowers, tree leaves, etc.)
Western rustic images (fencing, old buildings, etc.)
Midwestern images (red barns, large green fields, etc.)
Satin, rich look
Plain, solid background (like blue, or black) with NO border or pattern
Chromed lettering in page titles (large chrome/metal letters)
Light background, bold color accents (like www.grullablue.com
Rich colors, medium background with bold color accents
Soft colors (pastels, light colors)
Any equine images, in general

Other key ideas you have for graphics, backgrounds, colors, images, etc:

Web sites you really like that you want me to see to get a feeling for your color/layout/design preferences. This helps a LOT in the design process.


Click in any boxes for pages you want included in your web.  You can have as many pages as you want as long as your don't use so many images that you run over file space allotments (that takes a lot of images if you have properly sized them).

Home page, normally with text about philosophies or program/business summary. We can add Flash animation to a home page for an extra fee if you would like.

Horses for Sale/Products for Sale



Contact Us or About Us page (included automatically unless you don't want one)

Breeding Contract

Horses Sold


Boarding Facilities 

Mare Motel

Show Record/Farm Successes

Our Employees

Other.  Comments below:

Other pages you'd like included:

Links page. The more links, the better likelihood you will have good search engine ranking down the road.  Automatically included unless you tell us you don't want one. Highly recommended to have one!

Other key ideas for the site in general:

Think of all the "key words" that people might type into a search engine in order to find a site like yours.  Type those words/phrases here, separated by commas and spaces:

How did you find out about us? 

A search engine, like Google or MSN

Just by luck

From a customer that you made a web site for (who?) We want to thank them for the referral! :-)

From looking at a web site, though you don't know the site owners (what site?)

I can't remember

Avoid paying us to update your site...you can do it yourself!

If you host with us on our server, we can now configure your site to coordinate with CR Easy Forms so you can edit almost all of your own content.  This allows you to update prices, descriptions, and photos when you desire with no labor charge from us. 

Additional Comments/Ideas

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You can pay with credit card or personal checks (see address below).  Personal checks are preferred, but credit cards are accepted via the link:  Credit Card Payments

A downpayment of $150 is required before we begin working on the site, with the rest due at/near its completion. Contact me if you would like a payment plan for the initial setup cost.

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